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Oct-05-2009 Bloody Mess mobile v1.4.2 with touch screen controls support

There is now support for phones with touch screen controls in Bloody Mess mobile! v1.4.2test was already tested on Nokia 5530 and will be available for download by the end of this week. Support for touch screen will be also included in Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 in later versions.

Sep-26-2009 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 first test version is available for download

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 build v0.4b is available for download from the project page or from the downloads section on this page. The download archive contains v0.4b binaries and source code. Also it contains full package with previous version 1.4.1.

Important note: there is now some problems with submitting news on the project page, so until these problems are fixed, please visit this site for the latest updates

Sep-10-2009 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 first test version will be available soon

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 build v0.4 will be available for download very soon. It will contain survive game mode with one location and one of the new special abilities.

title image was taken from the game "After the end" by KraiSoft Entertainment.

Aug-07-2009 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 announced

The development of the totally new version of Bloody Mess mobile is started! All information that is available for this moment can be found in the new section on this page: Bloody Mess 2.0

Aug-01-2009 Bloody Mess mobile v1.4.1 released

Special perk selection screen was updated to correctly fit all the text in the screen. Also some graphical improvements was made to this screen.

This version is available for download from download section on this page or from project page.

Jul-10-2009 Game manual added to project page

Game manual is now available on this site (in "Help" section). It contains all important information about Bloody Mess mobile. Manual will continue updating as new features will be added to the project.

Also some brief information was added to the "License" section.

Jul-07-2009 First test project page deployment

This web page is the first test Bloody Mess mobile project page, deployed instead of default project page. As a source for this page I've used web page from another SourceForge project Irrlicht engine(Irrlicht Engine and Irrlicht Engine webpage 2003-2005 by Nikolaus Gebhardt). I'm only the beginner in web development, so during getting a new knowledge in this theme I plan to improve this site & make it look more individual.

Jun-30-2009 Bloody Mess mobile v1.4 released

This release includes several visual improvements, such as graphical in-game font and splash screen instead of default start screen from previous versions. For complete list of changes please see changes log.

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