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Manual 2.0
Game documentation (install notes, game tips, problems resolutions).

Install notes
Some phones may require both .jad and .jar files to install the application while some phones need only .jar file.

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 runs on most devices with j2ME platform with MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0 configuration. Also it works on Windows mobile devices with JavaFX installed.

General overview
You can play the game in two modes: in "Campaign" mode you have to complete 12 missions on different locations. New locations for "Survive" mode are unlocked during progress in campaign. In "Survive" mode your goal is to kill as much monsters as you can untill they defeat you.

You can also adjust some game parameters through "Options" menu (turn on or off sound effects and vibration).

"Continue" option from the main menu allows to return to the current game (if it is running) after the game was paused. "Continue" option from "Campaign" menu allows to load the last played mission.

In "High Score" section is stored your best results (highest level and number of killed monsters). Also in this section you can find the results from the last played game.

Game controls

Movement:Joystick or 2,4,6,8 keys

Shooting: Joystick or key 5

Reload weapon: key 1 or 7

Select perks: key * or 7

Use perk: key 3 or 9

Weapons differ by patrons capacity, shooting speed and accuracy.

Pistol - basic weapon. Mid damage, slow shooting speed

UZI - high shooting speed, low damage, low accuracy, high patrons capacity

Automat - high shooting speed, mid damage, mid accuracy

Flamethrower - high damage, low range

BFG - slow shooting speed, low patrons capacity, high damage, high explosion range

RPG system
You enter character stats screen when you reach new level. You can spend skill points on 4 parameters:

HP - your maximum health

DM - your damage in addition to the weapon damage you are currently using

SP - your speed (you can upgrade this parameter until it reaches 5th level)

SL - spetial slots. How much special perks you can have.

SP and SL parameters cost more than one skill point, so you may not spend all skill points at once, but collect them until you will have enough points to upgrade SP or SL parameter

Health - gives +25 hp XP - gives additional xp points depending on current player's level

Freeze - freezes enemies for small amount of time

Nuke - blows up every monster on the screen

1p - adds one additional skill point

Special perk - adds new special perk if free perk slots are available

Special abilities
You can have up to four special abilities. To gain new perks you need to unlock new perk slots.

Fireball - a fire shot with big damage and large explosion area

Freeze touch - freeze nearby enemies for a short period of time

Fear - scare nearby enemies. They will run from you

Regeneration - regenerate 50hp for 2000xp

In-game screen
1. - player

2. - monster (one of different types)

3. - bonus (weapon in this case)

4. - killed monsters counter

5. - your health

6. - amount of patrons before reload

7. - xp counter & your current level

8. - monsters corpses

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