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Bloody Mess: Prologue released!

Jul-02-2010 Bloody Mess: Prologue released

Finally the work on the small text adventure in the Bloody Mess universe is finished. You can check the results at BM: Prologue section.

Jun-07-2010 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.03 released

v1.03 contains fix for NullPointerException that sometimes happened when levelup occured at mission end in campaign game mode. Also 4th location from campaign mode was added to available maps for survive game mode.

Mar-08-2010 Summary for the past month

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.02 was released. v1.02 contains fix for the last mission in the campaign mode.

Debug build (for testing and easier bug catching) was added to the game archive.

Game manual 2.0 was updated with some useful game information. Check it here.

Also screenshots from Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 were added to the Screenshots section.

Feb-13-2010 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.01 update

v1.01 update contains some small bug fixes. Also latest versions of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 were successfully tested on Windows mobile device with installed JavaFX.

Other news: Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 help manual is now available at "Help" section on this page.

Feb-01-2010 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.0final released

This version contains 12 missions in Campaign game mode on 4 different locations. Last game results are now displayed in the "High Score" menu. Added sound effects from Bloody Mess mobile v1.4.2.

After this version I plan to continue developing new updates and bugfixes for Bloody Mess mobile.

Soon will be added new Manual 2.0 for the latest version of the game.

Jan-26-2010 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.9 beta released

Beta version of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 is available for download. It contains 9 missions in campaign on 3 locations. New locations for survive game mode become available during progress in campaign mode. It is now possible to turn on vibro effect in the "Options" menu.

Full version of the game will contain sound effects, 4 locations for campaign and survive game modes and more missions in campaign mode.

New screenshots from v0.9beta are available in Bloody Mess 2.0 section.

Jan-04-2010 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.7b released

v0.7b contains two demo missions in campaign game mode. In campaign you'll start every mission with different parameters and have to reach mission goal that is defined in mission briefing.

Nov-25-2009 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.6 released

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.6 is finished and ready for download. It contains nuke bomb bonus, new map for survive game mode, high score saving and some bugfixes. (For more information about changes please read release notes from the download package).

New screenshots from v0.6 are available in Bloody Mess 2.0 section.

Oct-21-2009 Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.5 released

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.5 is available for download. This version contains all 4 special perks and some improvements in game balance.

v0.6 is currently in development and will contain different maps for survive game mode, score saving and new bonuses.

Oct-18-2009 Bloody Mess mobile v1.4.2 is available for download

After some delay v1.4.2 is finished. It supports most touch phones with j2me support. Touch controls visibility can be turned on or off from "Options" menu in game.

You can find some screenshots from v1.4.2 in Screenshots section.

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