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Game documentation (install notes, game tips, problems resolutions).

Install notes
Some phones may require both .jad and .jar files to install the application while some phones need only .jar file.

Bloody Mess mobile runs on most devices with j2ME platform with MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0 configuration and Bluetooth support.

General overview
You can play the game in two modes: alone (in single player mode) or with a teammate (in cooperative mode over Bluetooth).

You can also adjust some game parameters through "Options" menu (turn on or off sound effects and vibration).

"Continue" option allows to return to the game (if it is running) after you have returned to the main menu (game was paused), but it doesn't allow to continue the game that was started in the previous launch of the application.

In "High Score" section is stored your best results (highest level and number of killed monsters)

Cooperative mode
To connect to server choose Cooperative->client,in device list select the name of server device & if requested allow all BT operations.If no device was found try to turn on BT manually or if BT is on press button.

Remark: searching for server device may take some time, so wait a little before pressing button.Cooperative mode works best on phones from the same model series.(On some phones it may not work at all or may not work correct).

It is possible to play in cooperative mode on different mobile phones, but there can be some problems: -If you want to connect to server & don't see server device in your devices list, then choose "refresh" option & wait a little (searching for devices may take some time); -If you cannot start new cooperative game after disconnecting from previous game than try to restart the game on both server & client devices (exit & launch the application again). If it does not help, than try to turn off & on bluetooth on both phones. Remark: this issue was not detected on latest versions, but may appear when playing in cooperative mode on devices this game wasn't tested on.

Game controls

Movement:Joystick or 2,4,6,8 keys

Shooting: Joystick or key 5

Leave stats screen 1 or 7 keys

set mine: 1 or 7 keys,detonate mine 3 or 9 keys.

Remark: on different devices may be different key mapping so on some phones keys 1 or 7 may not work (for example on Motorola L6), in this case you should try other keys (for example key 0 or * or #).

Weapons can be non-automatic & automatic. Non automatic weapons shoot with some delay if you hold fire button. Automatic weapons allow you to shoot without delay while holding fire button. Mine weapon can be found on the field as bonus. You can carry only one mine at a time. You can set mine & detonate it at any time you want.

Health - gives +25 hp

Patrons - gives +60 patrons

XP - gives additional xp points depending on current player's level

Freeze - freezes enemies for small amount of time

Nuke - blows up every monster on the screen

In-game screen
1. - player

2. - monster (one of different types)

3. - bonus (weapon in this case)

4. - radar. Shows on what screen you are now

5. - xp counter & your current level

6. - killed monsters counter

7. - your health

8. - your ammo

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